Step 3 : Roof & Wall Assembly

Step 3 in a 24 step video series that shows you how to install the roof and wall frame system parts in a Sierra model Absolute Steel building.

Before you start the roof, wall and truss assembly, you’ll want to layout the parts for one of them on the slab so you can see how they go together. To keep it simple our rafters are the ones with the green tips and the height extensions have orange tips. Now slip together the peak, the rafters, the side bends and the height extensions.

Before you screw the TEK or frame screws in the joints. Take a measurement across the top and bottom of the assemblies as shown here, the measurements should be equal.  Be sure to keep the joint spacing on both sides of the assembly the same. That way your rafters and sidewalls will all be the same when the building frame is assembled.

It’s a big help if you drive stakes in the ground at the width of the building if you are building the roof/wall assemblies on the ground instead of on the slab. Use them to set the dimensions at the bottom of the assembly. Remember to check your instruction manual for the diagram and details on this step.

The installers in this video series use scrap pieces of hat channel to hold the aligned frames in place; if you want to do it this way, which we would suggest, there’s four short pieces of hat channel marked “scrap” in each building kit for that purpose.

Once everything is set, go ahead and screw six TEK or frame screws into each joint. The six screws are only needed on one side of the assembly

Now I want you to build the second one and I want it built right on top of the first one. By the time you’re done here, you’re going to have every one of them in this stack. Putting them on top of each other will help you make it exactly the same as the first, just line up the joints and the seams so that it’s kinda like a machine built it – all the joints and such perfectly lined up and so on.

We’re going to put truss braces on the second one. The first one and the last one on the stack will not have truss bracing as those are the end walls and have vertical supports in them. So now that we’ve got the second one made, let’s put the truss bracing on it.

Now if you’re assembling one of our carports, anchoring it to the ground, it’s best if you lay the roof and wall assembly out on the ground and use some stakes to hold them in place, insuring the assemblies stay at the proper width for the carport you bought.

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