Step 20 : Doors & Windows

This is step 20 in a 24 step video series that shows you how to install the eave trim on your steel building kit.

As there are a great many different doors and windows, each with their own assembly characteristics, we are only going to address certain aspects here.

Your doors and windows should fit nicely into the frames you put together earlier back when we were building the frame. As well, we cut all the various pieces of trim for all that. Now after you’ve place the pre-hung pedestrian door into its frameout and secured it into the frame with the Frame Screws, you’re going to take the J-Trim you cut before and slip those pieces under the wall panel pieces – remember, how we didn’t attach the wall pieces right next to the door and window openings? This is why – we have to slip the J Trim under the unattached wall panels and then, using one screw to go through both the J Trim and the walls panels, attach them right through and into the building frame.

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