Step 16 : Gable End Panels

Installing Back Panels

Always work from the left side, going to the right when installing gable end panels. In each set of instructions, we will show you which gable end panels go where to make the installation easier for you.

The length of each panel is sized for your building, you will, however, have to cut the roof angle in each one.  To cut the roof angle on the top of the panel, measure down on the outside edge of the panel 9 ½ inches and make a mark. Now draw a line between the upper corner and the mark. This is the cut for the roof pitch and we like to make that cut with the straight cut tin snips. Fasten the panel to the wall with three screws: one at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom just like you did with the side wall panels. Mark your screw guide on the panel in whatever methods you prefer, just like you did on the side wall so your screws are nicely lined up and be sure not to fasten the panel where the next panel is going to be under lapped because your panel screw will prohibit the next panel from going under it.

Installing Front Panels

Measure, mark and cut the top angle on the front panels just as you did the back panels.  You can either measure your door cuts or put the panels up against the building, mark the openings, take the panels down and cut the openings. If you place the panels against the building to mark the openings, add about ¼ inch to the opening marks to make sure the J Trim will not interfere.

Make any horizontal cuts with the Tin Snips and vertical cuts with the Aviation Snips.

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