Step 9 : Squaring Up The Frame

Absolute Steel buildings are very easy to install. This is step 9 in a 24 step video series that shows you how to square up the frame on an Absolute Steel building.

Before you install the back and front enclosures, purlins and girts (Girts are the horizontal members in the sidewalls) you should check the Roof & Wall Assemblies to make sure they’re plumb and that each height of each side post is equal.

To do this, first check the front and back Roof & Wall Assemblies to make sure they’re plumb. Do this with a level on the verticals that go up to the Side Bend. If adjustments need to be made, drive a wooden or steel stake into the ground about 8 feet from the building. Now use a motor cycle or ratchet strap to pull the side wall plumb. Place a clamp on the side wall so the ratchet strap doesn’t slide down the wall.  The installers in this DVD use hat channel as a diagonal brace. Hat channel is not included in the building kit for this use but you could certainly use a piece of the hat channel provided in your kit—a couple of screw holes from when you take it off aren’t going to hurt it any.

Now if you were installing one of our carports or the Sonoran style building when the front and back sections are plumb, tie a string from the front side post to the back side post down each side. This string will let you see if any of the other walls need adjustment.  Now, get up on your ladder and look down the eave…are there any eave brackets out of alignment with any of the others?  If so, remove the screws in the joint and raise that particular side wall by hammering on the underside of the eave bracket.  Hammer on the top side if the adjustment needs to be downward.

Reinstall the frame screws in the new location.

If you had to use the motorcycle or ratchet straps to get things plumb, leave those in place until the roof purlins have been installed.

Something we’ve found very helpful when installing a Sierra, which is what this building is, or a Mohave or Teton style building is that if we need to straighten things out a bit is do a bit of tugging or pulling to get things straight, or adjusting as we just explained with a Sonoran or carport and then we keep that all in place by installing a row of hat channel next to the eave and at least one row near the peak to hold it all in place.

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